Re: usage stats

Marc Andreessen (
Mon, 19 Apr 93 17:13:34 -0500 writes:
> >Over the three (or is it four) month period from December '92 to March
> >'93, gopher usage increased by 65%. If you think that sounds
> >impressive, wait -- WWW usage increased by 2800%. Of course, the
> >relative operational ages of the systems should be taken into account,
> >but it still sounds pretty darn impressive :)
> Note one thing however -- I looked at my usage stats the other day and
> found they had increased trmendously. However, close inspection of
> the log file showed that around April 3-6 a mail robot at
> had been active, multiplying my load from an
> average twenty to over a thousand requests per day...

Well, that's certainly not OUR fault!

(...................... well, OK, maybe it is.)

Eric Bina ( has been working on some automated
net-scanning tools -- yell at him if he's causing trouble.....


Marc Andreessen
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