Re: Is there any timetable for moving HTML-2.0 out of beta?

Tim Berners-Lee (
Wed, 14 Apr 93 15:58:17 +0100

| From:
| Date: Tue, 13 Apr 93 21:49:13 -0400

| In particular, is there a deadline for when HTTP daemons will be

| expected to grok HTML-2.0?

I assume you mean ^^^^ HTTP.

I haven't made a deadline, but one thing is imperitive, and that is
that any existing server or database which falls over given a third
word on the HTTP request line MUST be upgraded immediately. These
servers are just buggy. (mea culpa, I know!)

I notice that although new gopher servers seem to handle HTTP,
they treat any thirs word as a search term (instead of extracting
it from a ?xx+yy+zz suffix on the URL) and so break on full HTTP.

I have just fixed the techinfo gateway.