List archives, HTML/SGML authoring tools, etc.

Christopher McRae (
Fri, 09 Apr 93 12:58:09 MDT

I just joined this list and can't seem to access the archives at So, I don't know what's been
discussed recently. Where else can I find the archives?
I'm interested in HTML/SGML authoring tools. Can we have an update
on the status of any X11-based editor? We would like to start
generating HTML and are evaluating which course is the best to take.
We could buy a NeXTStep machine, or Framemaker for our Suns. But
it would really be great if we had an X11-based editor on a par with
Xmosaic. I may be able to find the time to contribute to such an
effort. How about it, Marc? What's the prognosis?
What about commercial SGML authoring systems such as ArborText? Is
anyone out there using them? Does anyone have anything good/bad to
say about any of them?
One project we are considering getting started on is integrating the
Z39.50 information retrieval protocol into WWW. We're a library and
Z39.50 is becoming *very* important to us. Z39.50, by the way, is
essentially the protocol used by WAIS (with a few caveats). I have
yet to take a close look at the WWW-WAIS gateway code. Comments?
Finally, in, TBL
HTML is eventually going to be a real ``standard''; by
the time that happens, it should be fully SGML-compliant.
What does "real" mean in this context? Which standards organization(s)
are involved?
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