WWW Information Discovery Tools

Marc Andreessen (marca@ncsa.uiuc.edu)
Thu, 8 Apr 93 13:04:29 -0500

Bob Jackson writes:
> In comparing WWW vs Gopher and WAIS, I admit
> that WWW is a more powerful data representation model.
> But, its ability to discover information is only as good as
> the links are and the links are made by hand.
> Gopher and WAIS have global information discovery tools
> which know more than any one person does about available
> resources, e.g.,
> WAIS's directory-of-servers
> Gopher's Veronica
> Gopher's ts/tb or jughead
> and which are created by software.
> Is anyone working on similar tools for WWW?

Yup -- they're called Gopher and WAIS.


Marc Andreessen
Software Development Group
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