Escaped characters in search strings in HTTP

Tim Berners-Lee (
Tue, 6 Apr 93 14:31:34 +0100

Tony, Dave, folks in general:

Characters otherwise not allowed in a URL SHALL be escaped using
the %nn notation, and ARE handled this way in the 2.0 WWW library
server and client.

This is is not just a suggestion! :-)


(Tony wrote:

> I have previously suggested that we use the %nn (eg %32) syntax for

> characters in search strings. (See my message to www-talk,
25-Feb-1993, subj:

> "Handling + in document searches") In reposonse to this note TimBL
> suggested
> this would be implemented in the next version of the WWWLibrary. I

> certainly like to see this (or something giving equivalent

> documented in the HTTP documentation.