New release of WWW Browser for emacs (.007beta) :)

William M. Perry (
Mon, 5 Apr 1993 14:19:15 -0500

Hello all,
A new version of my WWW browser for emacs is now available. I'll call
this .007beta for the lack of anything better. :)

There are quite a few bug fixes in this release. I'd like to thank the
following people for submitting bug reports/feeding my ego:

Larry Masinter <>
Marc Gemis <>
Marc Andreessen <>
Luis Miguel Silveira <>
Henry A. Rowley <har+@A.GP.CS.CMU.EDU>
Bob Cotton <>
Salil Deshpande <>
Jamie Zawinski <>
Jay Glicksman <>
Steve Baumgarten <sbb@Panix.Com>
Erik Ostrom <>
Joe Germuska <>
paolo petta <>
Saul Youssef <>
Drew Burton <drb@MATH.AMS.ORG>

The source is available from in /pub/elisp/w3/ The
only file you'll need if you are upgrading from .004 is w3.el. The
complete package you'll need to use w3-mode to its fullest is in w3.tar.Z.
This tar file contains ange-ftp, transparent.el, and a gopher browser,
authors are:
ange-ftp: Andy Norman,
background: Joseph G. Keane <jk3k+@ANDREW.CMU.EDU>
transparent: Brian Tompsett,
gopher: scott snyder <>
forms: Johan Vromans (email unknown)

The start of a hypertext documentation tree is at:

Things up & coming:
news: link support
support for logical styles <CITE>, etc
font support for <EM>, <B>, etc styles
ordered list handling
Here is an excerpt from the changelog (since the last release):

Mon Apr 5 13:34:00 1993 William M. Perry (
* v.007beta - second release
* Revamped local files - now use file:/ instead of nonstandard local:/
* Added better handling of definition lists. (No support for Compact
ones now though)

Fri Apr 2 10:28:08 1993 William M. Perry (
* Definition lists now keep their zones/extents so they are highlighted
* Fixed bug in <PRE> handling - left out a (goto-char (point-min))

Wed Mar 31 08:51:04 1993 William M. Perry (
* Did work on resolving ./ & ../ links (only works for one level right
now. Will work on getting it recursive later.
* Changed data field in extents/zones to be (w3 . <type>) so I
wouldn't grab a wrong item.
* Fixed a bug in title handling. Left something out of an if
statement and it would try to delete a region that (probably) didn't
* Fixed bug in w3-follow-link (added a ':' to end of regexp). Would
cause it to screw up on a url like http.html. Thanks to Erik Ostrom
* Changed requires to autoloads where possible
* Wrapped require of transparent.el so it won't get loaded if in X
* Fixed bug in lemacs mouse links.
* Applied numerous patches from & to fix
compilation problems with lemacs & epoch.

Tue Mar 30 15:05:01 1993 William M. Perry (
* Added mouse support for following links in epoch & lucid emacs
Store the link # in the data segment of the zone. If mouse is
clicked in a zone, extract the data, assoc it with w3-links-list and
call w3-follow-link with it. Hacky but works. :)
* Added (provide 'w3) for easier loading, etc.
* Fixed problems with epoch highlihting
* Fixed makefile problem (some files left out)

Sun Mar 28 13:04:12 1993 William M. Perry (
* Added auto-viewing of ps/gif/jpg/etc files
* Added uncompression and gunzipping auto-recognition

Sat Mar 27 12:32:54 1993 William M. Perry (
* v.004beta - first release
* Few changes to the parser
* Fixed PRE Handling so it parses out urls inside.
* Added handling of &#XXX to insert ascii value of XXX.

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