NCSA Mosaic for X 0.12 released.

Marc Andreessen (
Mon, 5 Apr 93 01:14:36 -0500

Beta version 0.12 of NCSA Mosaic for the X Window System, a networked
information systems and World Wide Web browser, is hereby released:


This release of NCSA Mosaic is known to compile on the following

SGI (IRIX 4.0.2)
IBM (AIX 3.2)
Sun 4 (SunOS 4.1.2 with stock X11R4 and Motif 1.1 and GCC).
DEC Ultrix.

More binaries will be supplied as I am able to find other
Motif-configured platforms to use. (Contributions of working
binaries, or development systems, are welcome.) Documentation is
available online.

Changes since 0.11 include:

o Files retrieved via binary transfer mode now get a file selection box
for user-provided filename.
o Inlined image widths are now taken into account when formatting
text & images together.
o Fixed trigger of server bug on some systems wrt freeing color cells.
o Inlined images work on 24-bit TrueColor servers now.
o GUI interface for mailing hotlist and window history lists.
o Support for <ol> (numbered lists).
o Better support for nested description lists.
o Support for <tt>, <b>, <i>, <em>, <strong>, <code>, <samp>,
<kbd>, <var>, and corresponding resources italicFont, boldFont, and
o Better 8-bit cleanliness.
o Bug with inlined images as anchors at end of documents fixed.
o Compact description lists: <dl compact> causes first line of <dd>
text to jump up on same line with <dt> if room exists.
o SGML representations of 8-bit ISO8859 characters now work.
o Fixed bugs with weird Lucida font metrics on DEC Alpha and a few
other servers.
o Fixed coredump triggered by <li>'s outside of a list.
o Fixed coredumps on malformed URL's like
o Fixed coredumps on malformed URL's like
o Various document types returned via WAIS searches are now
detected (by extension only) and forked to viewers as appropriate.
o Fixed minor bug with disappearing whitespace.
o Fixed bug with extraneous newlines in description lists in very
narrow windows.
o Fixed bug with erroneous description elements causing text to fall
off the left side of the screen.
o Audio annotations on HP systems with audio hardware work now.
o Default SGI audio annotation quality is lower now, to decrease disk
space usage.
o SCO Open Desktop support.
o Harris Nighthawk support.
o AIX 3.2 support for reading local directories.
o Minor bugfixes and cleanups.

Thanks as usual to everyone who's been contributing comments and bug
reports -- keep 'em coming!

Marc & Eric

Marc Andreessen & Eric Bina
Software Development Group
National Center for Supercomputing Applications,