Re: Filters for HTML?

Tim Berners-Lee (timbl)
Thu, 1 Apr 93 01:45:54 MET DST

Yes, we have very crude filters for converting clean SGML to TeX
-- just 'sed' files. They will take the output of the NextStep becaus it puts line breaks in and so sed
can handle it.

If you want to make a converter which parses the HTML properly,
you could take the line mode client version 2.0, and
in the library just hack the HTML regeneration module
HTMLGen.{c,h} to produce TeX instead of HTML. The module
is driven by a stream of text and element stop/start by
element number, so it is just a set of tables of strings.

If you are interested in our mapping, ask Arthur Secret
<> to mail you our latest sed files.
We in fact made one new latex macro for the paper docs
we push out, in order to do a better job of DL lists.

The basic sed files for making article style latex are
on the web ... look under "tools for information providers".

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Does anyone have filters that will convert HTML to TeX? Or TROFF? Or
PostScript? or anything...