Some HTTP questions

Bill Janssen (
Fri, 26 Mar 1993 16:09:22 PST

Tim, I've been going over the HTTP spec
(, and have some questions.

What (if any) "Authorization" and "ChargeTo" schemes have been
registered? Is anyone using these, to your knowledge?

The format of a response is not really clear, from the spec. What is
"the format of a MIME message"? Does this mean, "the format of an
RFC-822 message, as amended by RFC 1341"? Or does this mean, "the MIME
headers `Content-Type' and `Content-Encoding' should appear first,
followed by a blank line, followed by the body of the response"? Do
binary responses (gif, etc.) need to be BASE64'ed? (Presumably not.)

Presumably the document is now

Is anyone working on an NFS server for HTTP? That is, a server where
files on the file system would actually be references to HTTP-accessible