Re: Upgraded 2.0 sources. Please upgrade servers. (
17 Mar 93 11:38

Cc: bloemer


> From Tue Mar 16 17:18:43 1993
> From: Tim Berners-Lee <>
> To:
> Subject: Upgraded 2.0 sources. Please upgrade servers.
> ...
> There is a back-compatibility problem with HTTP, in that some old
> servers are messed up by the new protocol. I think this is pre 0.9a
> servers, which do not ignore the third word on the command line.
> Servers based on csh etc should be OK, as is the 0.9b server.
> This is unfortunate, and means we have to do round upgrading servers
> before upgrading clients. I would recommend that servers be updated
> as soon as possible. The new httpd is running on and
> doesn't seem to have upset anyone yet after the first 40k
> transactions. I would now class the 2.0 server code as beta.
> ...

1. I just got a problem with your new httpd on

When I tried to access the file:

with xmosaic 0.10, I got the following error message:

HTFormat: Sorry, can't convert from application/binary to www/present.

The line-mode browser www 1.3a produced the same error message.

With www 2.0 an empty page were produced.

After that I tried to use the new binary transfer mode feature of mosaic.
The result was a file with the above error message.

The same problem occured with other files referenced from:
for example: text2html.sed

2. Is it possible to get the files referenced from:
via ftp ?

Or can someone put the files on under /WWW/dev ?



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