problems building the httpd daemon

Joe Germuska (
Fri, 19 Mar 1993 11:05:43 -0600 (CST)

I got the following files from the archive:
WWWDaemon_0.9b.tar.Z and WWWLibrary_1.1a.tar.Z

After unpacking them, I looked for the BUILD script that was with the more
recently released beta versions (which I started with but scrapped after
encountering numerous errors and problems.)

So I made the library OK, although I gather that you shouldn't have to do
that -- isn't it the case that building the Daemon builds the library in
temporary space? Anyway, I then proceeded to try make for the Daemon, and
get hung up in several places; some I could fix -- like it looks for
Makefile.include in the sun4 directory, where there is no such file...

Anyway, in going through these parts, I get the feeling that the rush to
provide lots of services to lots of people has left some things only half
done! Has anyone else figured out all the things one has to change to
build the httpd daemon for a sun4? Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


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