Sorry, can't convert format

Tim Berners-Lee (
Wed, 17 Mar 93 18:27:12 +0100


| Date: Tue, 16 Mar 93 23:57:13 -0800
| From: (Marc Andreessen)

| Ray Stell writes:
| > Using 0.9 to the following:
| >

| >
| >

| > returns the following:
| >

| > HTFormat: Sorry, can't convert from application/binary to
| >

| > is it something I said?

Which, translated, means: "I'm sorry, the document as far as I can
tell is binary and I don't know how to present that to you as
you haven't told me you can handle binary."

That is because I haven't reagistered .sed as text. I just might
make the default text rather than binary. Anyone got any smart
ideas about how to distinguish (fast?). In the mean time
I'll register a new suffix.

| That is DEFINITELY not a Mosaic bug. Looks like the server is
| a little trouble (the client/server architecture of WWW is such
| error messages like this are returned from the server to the client
| if they were the actual requested document -- the client never
| the difference [and thus doesn't *need* to know the difference,
| keeps things simple]).

This simple but sometimes confusing system is richer with 2.0.
The response can be of type OK, error, forward, etc. The error
message causes a different sort of object to be loaded.
[[Actually each client can do something different with the
HTLoadError routine]].

Tim BL