printing WAIS documents

Sheaffer Gad (
Tue, 9 Mar 1993 17:38:49 +0200

Viola uses the line mode browser to convert html documents to
text. In doing it for WAIS documents, I encounter two problems:

1 - the URL of those documents contain ";" telling the shell that
the instruction ended. you ahve to go out of viola, and enclose
it in quotation marks.

2 - Even after doing that, I get a message saying:

"Fatal Error: Returned message too large"

Is the documnet to long for the line mode browser, or is the URL to long ?

Example - printing a page from the Usenet Cookbook whose URL is:;3=0000000223WWP%20;7=%00;

Any idea where what is wrong ? Viola has no difficulty displaying the page.