WAIStoHTML daemon

Nathan Torkington (Nathan.Torkington@vuw.ac.nz)
Thu, 4 Mar 1993 16:11:35 +1300

Is it just me, or is the code and Makefile for this absolutely
knackered? I'm on an SGI with irix 4.0.4 and I had to change some
prototypes, as well as add other .o files to the compilation in order
that things like logfile and HTclienthost be known to the world.

When I finally get it to compile, wsrc2html dumps core and ParseHTML
does diddly. Not that I'm getting frustrated by this point, or
anything :-).

Does anyone have nice, simple code (translation: something that will
compile) for a server that will either deliver local WAIS databases as
accessed through WAIS: URLs, or will give the alleged WAISGate
functionality without the problems I am having? Failing that, a
pointer to a more recent than 0.9a daemon and 1.1a library would be


(PS something for all you client writers to add is a "local search"
function that searches the current node for text)