Internal links

Nathan Torkington (
Tue, 2 Mar 1993 12:36:43 +1300

I'm obviously not doing something right here. I am using Mosaic, and
I have the following file called "test.html":

<H1><A HREF=#local>Hot Spot</A></H1>
Clicking on the words "Hot Spot" above should move the cursor to the
section below:
<H1><A NAME=local>Local Text</A></H1>
This is where the cursor should go to.

but when I load it as a local file, it refuses to understand the
links. It gets formatted okay, so it is being interpreted as an HTML
file, but the links aren't working.

When I click on a link, the file is redisplayed from the top of the

This is most irritating :)

Any assistance would be gratefully appreciated (I have had the same
problem with the dumb-terminal client too).


(we now return you to your regularly scheduled battle for standards,
in which I vote for (a) using MIME descriptions for multimedia stuff,
and (b) writing gateways to serve ordinary RFC-compliant news as HTML
documents (by putting links for threads, and allowing searches for
keywords at the newsgroup and article levels))