Re: proposed new tag: IMG

Pei Y. Wei (
Fri, 26 Feb 93 17:37:29 -0800

Subject: Re: proposed new tag: IMG

> > Tim Berners-Lee writes:
> > I don't want to change HTML now if I can help it, until it has gone
> > to RFC track.
> Marc wrote:
> I absolutely agree in all cases -- my purpose in suggesting IMG is
> that things are reaching the point where some browsers are going to be
> implementing this feature somehow, even if it's not standard, just
> because it's the logical next step, and it would be great to have
> consistency from the beginning -- so that when HTML2 comes along,
> we're all still in lockstep.....

Yup, yup... Since this is becoming an issue, I might as well mention
that viola too has a number of bitmap tags, but for a DTD other than HTML,
because it'd be a mess to mix such things with the current HTML. At this
point, HTML should stay stable.

Yup, we obviously need to agree upon the namings, etc, from the start,
or it's gonna be a sincere pain to converge later... I don't have any
particular preference for the names/syntax, as long as there is some
accounting for the format used (not by file extension, but preferably
by using MIME format identifiers).