Re: proposed new tag: IMG

Jim Davis (
Fri, 26 Feb 1993 10:07:34 -0500

I like the functionality of Marc's proposal. (I am indifferent
to the syntax, so long as we get a standard.) While I daresay
that HTPP2 and Mime will oneday achieve the same power and more,
I like the idea of getting it soon.

Note that Tim's proposal

<a name=fig1 href="fghjkdfghj" REL="EMBED, PRESENT">Figure </a>

is less general, since it can only be used inside anchors. (Maybe
I don't understand it, though... do you have to click on the
anchor, or does PRESENT mean that it is "automatically" clicked?
If so, what happens to the text between the A and /A ?

As I understand it, I can use Marc A's scheme for inline pictures
(which might be big) or icons in anchors.

As for specifics of Marc A's proposal, two comments

1) why have SRC instead of HREF?

2) It would be nice if there was a way to specify the content type,

<IMG HREF="" CONTENT-TYPE=audio/basic>

But I am completely willing to live with the requirement that I specify
the content type by file extension. It's good enough for me.