Re: xmosaic experience
Thu, 25 Feb 1993 22:15:40 +0100

Regarding Bill Jansen's experience, I read in his message a question
that you haven't answered but which perhaps lies at the core of his
complaint: the way I read it, he believes that you write the text
*once* into a background pixmap and then scroll it around. I can't
believe this is true. If indeed it isn't true you should perhaps
explain why it takes so long to read the RFC in (is it just slow ftp
or are you doing lots of processing?) and whether it is true that the
X server should be chewing up CPU? Could it be that Bill's server is
too eager to do backing store and generates an exposure event for the
entire subwindow? (Perhaps Xmosaic can set a resource that disables
this behavior?)

Relevant excerpts from Bill's message:

> [...] Well, I got through to the RFC -- and
> suddenly my X server started chewing up CPU. [...]
> [...] xmosaic seems to *paint*
> text strings on a window, and then pan the window around when the
> user scrolls, rather than re-drawing the text.

--Guido van Rossum, CWI, Amsterdam <>