Another electronic archive of papers
Thu, 25 Feb 1993 10:41:40 GMT

Ooh, ooh, more resources to add. If this keeps up, I'll have
to learn how to do this myself.. Anybody have disk space? I
can't guarantee my workstation.

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> Newsgroups: comp.theory.dynamic-sys
> From: (Ronnie Mainieri)
> Subject: Electronic Archive
> Message-ID: <>
> I would like to announce an electronic archive for papers on chaos.
> The subjects covered are defined by the topics within the scope of
> Chaos, Physica D, Physical Review E and Nonlinearity journals. Papers
> on low-dimensional dynamical systems, simple non-equilibrium
> statistical mechanics, quantum chaos, and the theory of Fredholm
> determinants are all welcome. A list of recent titles is given below.
> The electronic archive accepts, stores, and allows access to manuscripts. If
> you join, periodically (once a week) you will receive the abstracts of the
> papers submitted. There is also a discussion group that you may join.
> It is hoped that enough people will join this archive server so that we
> can do away completely with having to mail out and request preprints.
[ etc... the full article is in c.t.d-s ]

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