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About the archive
(from http://genie.lut.ac.uk/DS-Archive/HighPerformanceNetworking.html)

This archive contains information which may be relevant to high speed
networking and distributed systems researchers - papers and technical
reports authored at this site and elsewhere, details of forthcoming
conferences, contact names in the field, general notices, e.g. job adverts
and new journals, details of relevant publications, overviews and
documentation of significant distributed computing projects plus freely
distributable packages and bibliographies.

Some of the information in this archive is copyright protected - where
this is the case it is indicated.

The archive is accessible through gopher (gopher://hill.lut.ac.uk),
anonymous ftp (ftp://hill.lut.ac.uk), and now directly via World-Wide Web

The archive is run on a volunteer basis by Jon Knight, please contact him
if you have any comments about the archive contents or would like to
contribute to it.

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