XMosaic on Sun's

Marc Andreessen (marca@ncsa.uiuc.edu)
Wed, 10 Feb 93 03:51:23 -0800

People who have tried to run X Mosaic 0.6 on Sun workstations and had
lots of problems with run-time translation table errors and
backspace/delete not working in the text entry fields......

I think I have a solution. Append (or move) the following file to

---------------------------------- CUT HERE ----------------------------------
! OSF Keysyms
osfBackSpace :1004FF08
osfInsert :1004FF63
osfDelete :1004FFFF
osfCopy :1004FF02
osfCut :1004FF03
osfPaste :1004FF04

osfAddMode :1004FF31
osfPrimaryPaste :1004FF32
osfQuickPaste :1004FF33

osfPageUp :1004FF41
osfPageDown :1004FF42

osfEndLine :1004FF57
osfBeginLine :1004FF58

osfActivate :1004FF44

osfMenuBar :1004FF45

osfClear :1004FF0B
osfCancel :1004FF69
osfHelp :1004FF6A
osfMenu :1004FF67
osfSelect :1004FF60
osfUndo :1004FF65

osfLeft :1004FF51
osfUp :1004FF52
osfRight :1004FF53
osfDown :1004FF54

! DEC specific keysyms
DRemove :1000FF00
---------------------------------- CUT HERE ----------------------------------

And if you try it, please let me know if this solves your problem, or