Re: an Idea for a new WWW disc. group

Anthony Baxter (
Sat, 06 Feb 1993 00:57:20 +1100

In message <RFC-822*>you write
> But I would prefer as a name for the new group:

Is in the 14 character limit, so sounds ok. Its just that the software and
the project has always been WWW. (Similar to WAIS - from its acronym, it
isnt obvious what it is).
> Another problem is the pronounciation of www. Has anyone a suggestion?

I originally tried 'double-ewe double-ewe double-ewe', but that got to be
too annoying, so 'double-ewe three' works fine for me. :)
> Finally I would like to suggest that we come to an agreement
> on how to name the World Wide Web project in speech and writing.
> In the past I have seen the following terms:
> World Wide Web, World-Wide-Web, WorldWideWeb, world-wide-web,
> www, WWW, W3, w3,

Most of the documentation I've seen from CERN have either 'World Wide
Web' or 'WWW'.

> When I first come to last year with just a vague idea
> of what World Wide Web could mean. I was very confused and it takes
> some time and experimentation until I know what I need to get started.
> The situation now is b even worse.

Its actually pretty similar to the Gopher world, there's Gopher, XGopher,
Turbo-Gopher, and no doubt other clients that I dont know about. :)

Explaining this sort of thing is what FAQ's are for :-)


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