Re: an Idea for a new WWW disc. group

Ari Lemmke (
Thu, 4 Feb 1993 23:15:54 +0200

"Tony Johnson (415) 926 2278" writes:
> > comp.infosystems.www
> > comp.infosystems.www.implementation
> Sounds great to me....does anyone understand the formal
> procedure for going about creating a new comp.* newsgroup? How
> do we start?

1) Someone has to write RFD (Request For Discussion) for
c.i.w and c.i.w.i
2) post it to (or post it
to moderated newsgroup news.announce.newgroups.
Remember to add before your RFD text all the
newsgroups you want the article to appear if
you email it.
3) The discussion period is about 30 days, and
should be in news.groups newsgroup.
4) Then if it's clear that such a newsgroup should
be available you can write CFV (Call For Voting)
5) Take care you have other person as vote-taker,
so you can make propaganda for your group (other
than RFD ;-).
6) The voting period is 21-31 days.
7) When the group passes, it takes 7 days until the
group is created.
8) If the group does _not_ pass the next voting is
allowed after 6 months.

Material used for comp.os.linux saved in directory
use FTP, gopher, or WWW (?). Or just read news.* groups
to find out how they do it ...

Someone should put under WWW "How to create a new newsgroups"
etc. docs .. ;-)

Just do it !!! ;-)

> TJ