Re: Getting searching to work

Dan Connolly (
Wed, 27 Jan 93 11:20:45 CST

>How is it best to add a simple search facility to a httpd server?

This is supported functionality. See the user guide:

I just wanted to take the opportunity to point out once again
that the <ISINDEX> strategy for marking up searchable documents
is less than optimal.

Inline "search this anchor" elements are preferable, at least
to me.

This request shows that it's intuitive to at least one other person:
he just made a guess and picked the inline searchable-anchors

>What I'd like is something like:
><dt><a name=dub href="dubliners.html">Dubliners<dd>by James Joyce
><dt><a name=ulysses href="ulysses.html">Ulysses<dd>by James Joyce
><dt><a name=something href=somepointer>Search<dd>the above texts for
>a name or keyword