New release of unix server for WWW "httpd"

Tim Berners-Lee (
Wed, 27 Jan 93 16:20:57 +0100

The 0.9b release of the basic WWW daemon (httpd) contains a few bug
fixes, and the ability to browse directories. Note that the 0.9a
release was buggy and should not be used (Thanks to Jon Streets/FNAL
and Peter Lister/Cranfield for pointing this out.)

The new release is available by anonymous FTP as usual on
host, in /pub/www/src/WWDaemon_0.9b.tar.Z.
You also need /pub/www/src/WWWLibrary_1.0a.tar.Z.

New in this release:

- Directory browse: if a directory name is given,
it is returned as hypertext. This is opional: it can
be always enabled, always diabled, or enabled
only for directories containing a file
named ".www_browsable".

- README inclusion: When a directory contains a
README file, the file may be included either linked
to the list with all the other files, or may have its
text embedded before or after the list.

By using these features, a WWW server can be set up to serve
existing trees containing for example plain text files with
very little effort.

The online documentation gives the new command line options
-dy -dn -ds -db -dt and -dr which control the directory browsing.

(The server has been tested on the NeXT. Any bugs to me ASAP

Tim Berners-Lee

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