Re: NCSA X Mosaic 0.5 released

Tim Berners-Lee (
Mon, 25 Jan 93 17:57:59 +0100


Brilliant! I have copied into the bin areas on our local workstation
support server, and will advertise it here. Having the thing
self-contained in one file makes life a lot easier.

I have put copies of your files on:

for anyone who is closer to CERN than NCSA.

I append a few detailed comments on the program.

Xmosaic has a lot of practical things which real uses want -- like
mail and print and a bookmarks and stuff. Well done!

I like the quick change fonts, too, and the option of single or
multiple window operating mode.

That said, it would also be nice to customise it easily (yes, I want
to have my cake and eat it!). So the ability to set the home page up
system-wide with some sort of a .xmosaicrc file would be useful.
We'll have to make a covering script to fix

I have a feeling that a menu option which sets the current document
home (persistently) by writing out a ~/xxx.rc file is probably an
easy way for users in arbitrary places to find out where to start.
"Set home here" or something.