Re: INPUT tag (was: Searching)

Jim Whitescarver (
Wed, 20 Jan 93 12:59:38 est

Thanks Dan. I'll need to study your example a bit. Specifically what I
had in mind was close to that, I think.
How old are you? <input name="age" type="number"
width="5" help="http:s/help/inputs#age">
Do you have any of the following symptoms?
<li>headach? <input name="headache" type="boolean" width="3" default="No">
<li>blackouts? <input name="blackouts" type="boolean" width="3" default="No">
<a href="http:/;+&headache;+&blackouts;">
Click here to search</a>
------------------end example-
I think you did something similar... Note that the search could would be
the same as the anchor in the example above. In this case the search engine
would have to know about the keyword order meaning, but it would work with
http1 systems without "too" much work in existing browsers.

The only connection between <input> and <var></var> is that the name attribute
in each would define a value in the browsers context. In the first iteration
we won't support the name attribute in either, we will simply use the whole
list of input values in search and do. Later it will be important to mantain
the users namespace.