Re: HTML and Lists

Tim Berners-Lee (
Tue, 19 Jan 93 18:19:38 +0100

> (from From: Dan Connolly Thu, 14 Jan 93 to www-talk)
> Can we do the following instead of using paragraphs in DL?

> <DL>
> <DT>large
> <DT>big
> <DD>Large and big are synonyms.
> <DD>They share a definition.
> <DD>This is the third paragraph of explanation about big
> and large things.
> </DL>

> It appears that the linemode browser generally groks. Thus, let's
> not mess with P's in DL's. (P's in UL's are messy enough to leave
> out too, I guess.)

I don't like this as it is very much at variance with what DL has
meant up till now. The tags came from an IBM DTD which shares them I
thought with eth AAP DTD. I think we should leave them be, as they
were originally designed allowing pairs of <dt> <dd> but <p> within
the <DD>. I must admit the NeXT browser can only produce a void
"term" to make a new paragraph at the moment.