Re: suggested libWWW architecture

Tony Johnson (
Wed, 13 Jan 1993 22:44 PDT

My immediate reason for implementing local was that MidasWWW implements "file:"
through the gateway, and so I needed some other temporary way to access local
files. When MidasWWW supports "file:" directly I may get rid of local (or make
it a synonym for file maybe). However I do have some other problems with the
file implementation, mainly the confusion between files access by ftp and files
accessed locally. Problems are:

a) How to tell whether a specified node is the "local" node? The /NET test is
not portable, it doesn't work on our Unix system here (we use /nfs here). It
works even less well on VAX clusters.

b) Even if I could tell that the file is on the local node, things still would
not work since /pub is NOT the root of the anonymous FTP directory. I.e.
file://localhost/test.html is NOT the same as local:/pub/test.html. Again this
applies even more to non-unix systems.

Both of these problems tempt me to keep local:, or some equivalent. Comments?