WWW Workshop -- Call for interest?

Tim Berners-Lee (timbl@www3.cern.ch)
Tue, 12 Jan 93 15:35:57 +0100

We are considering holding a three-day workshop on the World-Wide Web
at CERN (Geneva, Switzerland) on or close to Wednesday 7th to Friday
9th July 1993. (The IETF meeting in Amsterdam, that starts on
Monday 12th July).

The workshop would probably have three sections

1. Tutorial sessions on what WWW is, how it works, and (mainly)
how you set up clients and servers. This would be for
users who nood not know anything of WWW but should be
computer litterate.

2. Presentations by those who have already used the web in
various different ways, with their findings and comments.

3. A technical brainstorming (RFC editing?) session on
protocols and data formats (HTTP and HTML).

The idea would be that people would not have to come for all of it:
experienced WWWWizards could come on section (day?) 2, and users not
interested in future development would leave after day 2.

Anyone interested?

Would you come?
Would you prefer another date
-- are there things clashing with that date?

When replying, (to me, not to the list) if I don't know you please
indicate whether you and your institute are involved in physics,
software, networking, etc.

Tim BL