Re: strategy for HTML spec?

Anthony Baxter (
Tue, 12 Jan 1993 13:44:24 +1100

In message <>you write:
> [begin bitching and moaning...]
> Also, I am frustrated that noone else seems willing to look
> closely at SGML at all. The SGMLs parser makes it easy to
> try stuff out, and comp.text.sgml is a great place to learn
> a lot of stuff, but none of the other implementors have
> bothered to try them out.

Rest assured, others (well, me, at least :) are fiddling with SGML. Bear in
mind, however, that my knowledge of it is still really, really rudimentary.

Its a fairly overwhelming (at least on initial exposure) concept.

The stuff you've done is definately appreciated. You've managed to get HTML
to a much more formally described language than it was before, and also to
the point where it isnt changing from one week to another (which was a real


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