WWW-WAIS Gateway

Tim Berners-Lee (timbl)
Fri, 8 Nov 91 11:17:05 GMT+0100

(Now its been running for some time, I guess I should announce it!)

World-Wide Web <-> WAIS Gateway Running

A gateway running on info.cern.ch provides access by any WWW browser
to the world of information provided by "WAIS" servers. WAIS servers
are full-text search servers using software from Thinking Machines
Corporation. There's more infomation about WAIS and the gateway in
the web.

[By the way, if you have an old WWW default page which may not have
links to everything of interest, you can pick up by ftp (or link to)
a new one from file://info.cern.ch/pub/default.html]


You can find WAIS indexes by browsing a hypertext guide to WAIS
(linked from our default page), and/or doing an index search on the
WAIS index of indexes.

The guide starts at
Here is an sample of what there is:

Biochemistry The EC enzyme database of Amos Bairoch , REBASE
restriction enzymes , the annotation of the
GenBank(R) DNA sequence database (Bacterial

Division), the Peter Karps CompoundKB database of 981
metabolic intermediate compounds , periodical

references to journals in the area of molecular

biology , BIOSCI mailing lists and newsgroup archives

Geography Asia Pacific region: Curriculum Resources & Course

outlines; India: Miscellaneous information

Humanities Discussion, Poetry

Meterology The weather (around MIT)

Music MIDI interfacing , Song lyrics ,

Religion The Bible (King James version) , The Holy Qur'an

Computing & Networking:

AARNet Australian Academic and Research Network Resources

Fidonet List of nodes

Usenet FAQ, cookbook, science

Internet RFCs, resource guide, etc etc

(etc etc)

By Organsiation

E.F.F. Electronic Frontier Foundation: Documents,


N.S.F. National Science Foundation: bulletins

M.I.T. Algorithms book: Bugs , excercises , suggestions for

the book, 'Introduction to Algorithms' by Tom Cormen,

Charles Leiserson, and Ron Rivest, all members of

Theory of Computation Group, Laboratory for Computer

Science. Weather .

University of Noth Carolina Phone book

University of North Texas Documents

Univ. Oslo Publications bibliography

Mail me with any problems/questions/suggestions.
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