Fonts on the Web

Thomas Reardon (
Mon, 4 Mar 1996 02:59:59 -0800

>I thought you all might be interested in reading about Microsoft's
>recent font initiative. You can find out more at
>There are three main pieces to the initiative.
>1) A set of FREE high-quality TrueType fonts for three platforms,
>2) Announcement that HP is going to deliver a Unix TrueType rasterizer.
>3) Most importantly, a refocusing of our existing font embedding
>technology to the Web, such that fonts can be embedded on websites and
>downloaded piecemeal. The fonts are also 'embedded' in the sense that
>they can be tied for use with only certain websites, thereby protecting
>the intellectual property of the font designer. Much of this
>technology has been championed and defined by the font industry itself,
>and Microsoft, as proxy, will offer the downloading protocol to W3C for
>further standardization.
>Point #3 needs clarification, because some folks have taken this to
>mean that Microsoft is trying to make TrueType the only font format for
>the Web. This is not true. The embedding & downloading specification
>will allow for Adobe Type 1 as well as TrueType.
>If you have thoughts or comments, please direct them to Bill Hill
><>, who runs the Microsoft Typography Group.
>-Thomas Reardon