Re: Initial Draft --Cascaded Speech Style Sheets

Scott E. Preece (
Thu, 15 Feb 1996 20:37:45 -0600

| >text on the screen. Especially, it would seem, in creating
| >advertisements (inarguably a major faction of Web publishing), designers
| >often want a particular font face, size, color or whatever, applied to a
| >section of text for purely presentational (vs. content-based)
| >reasons.
| For such cases, people might be *far* better off using PDF or RTF, or
| defining a tag set all of their own, with associated stylesheets. They
| could define: <FONT>, <COLOR>, <MARQUEE>, or whatever they want.

But if the DTD included tags like product-id, product-vendor, product-price, etc., then indexing tools could pick up the commercial parts of the advertisement and build an appropriate super catalog of the net, for instance. So, I don't think PDF or RTF would be a better choice - most advertisers want their data accessible andmeaningful tagging is the key to intelligent accessibility.


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