RE: Initial Draft --Cascaded Speech Style Sheets

Jon Bosak (
Thu, 15 Feb 1996 12:38:00 -0800

> Doing this by tag explosion would be fine, *IF* I could easily
> extend the DTD the user agent is using (e.g., if we were all using
> SGML browsers instead of HTML-only browsers). However, before you
> take this as a vote for SGML browsers over HTML browsers, I do feel
> that the focus on HTML has allowed us (the Web community) to establish
> a ubiquitous baseline functionality that would be difficult if
> everyone's approach had been SGML==>some dynamic DTD==>Stylesheet
> hooks==>presentation from the beginning. Wrapping a
> more-or-less-stable DTD and the stylistic properties applied to
> elements in that DTD into one (easier-to-implement) package has
> allowed HTML the glory of driving Internet publishing to incredible
> heights.

Great. So now that we've established a ubiquitous baseline
functionality, can we turn our attention to developing approaches that
will scale into the future? If not now, when?


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