Re: CNS colors

Walter Ian Kaye (
Thu, 8 Feb 1996 02:14:55 -0800

At 7:20a 02/07/96, lilley wrote:

>Browsers that are going for improved colour fidelity, either on screen
>(converting to a specific monitor type) or in print (eg sending CIE XYZ
>data directly to a level 2 PostScript printer) or on systems with a
>colour management system, will require access to the CIE values from
>step 2 or 3

Speaking of color management systems, are there "representatives" (people)
of any of these (like Apple's ColorSync 2.0, Kodak's CMS products, etc) on
this list? If not, it would seem timely to bring them in... (I don't know
any personally).


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