Re: FW: Font-family specification

Scott E. Preece (
Thu, 25 Jan 1996 15:38:01 -0600

From: "Chris Wilson (PSD)" <>

| I stated a while ago that I would like to see the font-family specification
| change from a whitespace-separated list, with spaces in font names changed
| to dashes, to a comma-separated list, with whitespace allowed in font family
| names. I would like to more strongly recommend that this be done, and here
| are a number of reasons why:


I agree we should support whitespace in font names. Why not stay with whitespace separation and require quotes around names containing spaces? I don't feel really strongly about commas v whitespace, but I think you should require quoting for strings containing whitespace in either case.

| 4) Most importantly, spaces need to be preserved in font names for copyright 
| reasons.  This actually means the names need to be preserved completely, but 
| I'm assured commas are not a problem.  In a quick look at the 58 fonts 
| installed on my system, none of them use commas, but only 14 of them do 
| *NOT* use spaces in their names.

Um, could you elaborate on the copyright concern? I don't think you can copyright a name. Did you mean trademark? I actually think trademark concerns only require that you get as close as you can get - it's really concerned with not applying the trademark to the wrong thing, not with calling the thing by a particular name. That's why it was OK for IBM to call its version of the UNIX operating system AIX, but would not have been OK for them to call it UNIX unless it met AT&T's licensing requirements.


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