Re: CSS1, new draft specification

Mike Wexler (
Fri, 29 Dec 1995 09:37:32 -0800

> Every
> other element selector (other than <HTML>) is on structural elements
> that _occur_in_the_text_ (that is, concrete as opposed to implied
> by OMITTAG).
Thats not completely true. The current CSS won't work very well unless
you support implied END-tags. For example the following:
<P CLASS="A">Start of paragraph one.
<P CLASS="B">Start of paragraph two.
You need to handle tag omission to figure out where paragraph one ends and
paragraph two starts.

> And, obviously, (although I know you were joking :^), most browsers
> DON'T use a "real" SGML parser. It is one of my goals to never suggest
> anything that breaks SGML - but keep in mind we're trying to get all
> those browser vendors without real SGML parsers to support CSS.
I don't see why implemented $CANVAS as a special token is any easier than
special casing BODY. Note that you really shouldn't be special casing BODY,
but if handling OMITTAG is too difficult...