Re: CSS1, new draft specification

Rainer Klute (
Fri, 29 Dec 1995 09:19:34 +0100

>I don't like the disappearance of the $CANVAS. Saying that "In HTML, the
>BODY element is given this role" (of acting as the container for all
>elements) falls down when you think about the effects of the default
>stylesheet on HTML 2.0 documents that do not have a <BODY> (or a <HEAD>, or
>an <HTML>). Following this mechanism, I could for example only set the
>background color for documents which had a <BODY>. Blech. I vote to keep
>the $CANVAS notation from the last draft.

Each HTML document has a BODY, explicitly or implicitly. It is just
that authors can leave out the BODY start and end tags (thanks to
SGML's OMITTAG feature), but that doesn't mean that there is no
BODY. Perhaps you just can't see it, but your SGML parser can. And
browsers do use an SGML parser, don't they? :-)

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