Re: New directive for CSS: @title

William Perry (
Sat, 9 Dec 1995 20:28:06 -0800

Benjamin C. W. Sittler writes:
> I would like to propose another CSS directive, @title. It would take a
> single string literal as an argument, and would be used in the UA to refer
> to the stylesheet. It would be limited to being the first directive in the
> sheet, and could only appear once. The idea is that the user doesn't have
> to remember what each stylesheet is by URL, especially when as sheet has
> changed locations (i.e. copied to local disk.)
> Example usage:
> @title "XYZ House Style"

I brought this up in the UI issues section of my presentation at the
meeting in france. We need some way to include information about the
author of the document as well. Perhaps this could be generalized down a
bit? Something like:

@info { title="XYZ House Style" author="Bill Perry" copyright="GPLv2" }

Or just:

@info name=title value="XYZ House Style"
@info name=author value="Bill Perry"
@info name=copyright value="GPLv2"

-Bill P.