run-in headings possible in CSS1?

Bert Bos (
Fri, 8 Dec 1995 18:16:19 +0100

Scott E. Preece writes:
> The description of the formatting model isn't quite clear enough to let
> me answer this question: Is it possible to do run-in headings in CSS1?

No, it isn't.

We've thought about this, since it is also needed for the <DL> list:

ITEM. Description more des-
cription description.
ITEM. Description more des-
cription description.

However, we decided to limit ourselves to `block' and `inline' (and
now `canvas') in level 1. One way of adding it later would be to allow
a sort of `half-block', one that has a line break before, but not
after (and the other way round):

DL { margin-left: 6em}
DT { flow: break-before; indent: -3em }
DD { flow: break-after }


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