Re: draft-ietf-html-style-00.txt & class as a general selector

Scott E. Preece (
Fri, 8 Dec 1995 08:12:27 -0600

From: Gavin Nicol <>

| >What has CD-ROM-ness got to do with anything? It shouldn't change the
| >interpretation of STYLE="{font.size: 14}" that I can think of.
| How about screen resolution then. 14 point may look big on an SVGA,
| and be unreadable on my display. That is the whole point of
| separation. By removing the platform-specific data out of the content,
| the content become immune to changes in the presentation environment.


It's *slightly* easier to adjust the entries in the stylesheet than in the document, but not significantly. It would, after all, be trivial to create a stylesheet from entries in the document by walking the tree and generating identifiers for the styles and IDs for the elements they are attached to.

|   >Because, as a potential consumer of the product, it "feels wrong" to me.
|   >Stylesheets feel right, but the inability to put information locally,
|   >when appropriate, feels wrong.  Intuition, based on experience, tells
|   >me I will want to put my fingers where your restriction says I can't...
|   You will loose in the long run. I would suggest that if you *really*
|   want to put style information directly into the document, you should
|   probably be lobbying browser writers to support RTF (or perhaps
|   Rainbow ;-)).

I want to be able to *occasionally* annotate an element directly. I'd say it's significantly better than 50:50 that, whatever HTML-WG decides, some vendors will add a STYLE attribute anyway.


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