Re: draft-ietf-html-style-00.txt & class as a general selector

Scott E. Preece (
Thu, 7 Dec 1995 14:44:49 -0600

From: Glenn Adams <>
| It already exists, e.g.,
| <HEAD>
| <TITLE>Doc with arbitrary style directives</TITLE>
| [ID=P123] { color : red }
| </STYLE>
| </HEAD>
| <P ID=P123>A random red paragraph.</P>
| The STYLE attribute isn't necessary, complicates implementations, and
| promotes bad usage.

Oh, come on. The example is not one whit better than putting the styling directly on the paragraph. It has no readability, debuggability, reusability, or other advantage. In either case you have pure, unblemished, ad hoc styling. And the spec, I notice, actually suggests that this is an important usage! And while I can't speak to your implementation, I can certainly imagine implementation models in which supporting the direct attachment would be a trivial change.


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