Re: Direct formatting STYLE attribute

Scott E. Preece (
Thu, 7 Dec 1995 13:44:42 -0600

From: Paul Prescod <>

| The proposed STYLE attribute allows you to do your "red", "green", "blue"
| thing and still serves this educational purpose. It seems like a good
| compromise to me.


Like any compromise, it's an irritant. My own opinion is that it's also an unnecessary irritant and that it is wrong-headed to intentionally design a language with a goal of forcing people to do something in a way that they may not want to do it. The language should not designed to be pedagogy, it should be designed to be an effective tool for writing documents. It should also be teachable, but an unrestricted STYLE attribute is in no way less teachable; it is just one more feature that a teacher may choose to present or ignore.


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