Re: draft-ietf-html-style-00.txt & class as a general selector

lilley (
Thu, 7 Dec 1995 12:45:30 +0000 (GMT)

> There are
> still lots of people who will set the font for each section of text in
> Microsoft Word, instead of using the stylesheet support, because it is
> easier for them to author that way.

Actually it is not easier and it takes them longer to do and longer to get
the look that they want. People do this because they are unaware of any
other way. People do this because the manual covered on the fly formatting
changes early on and made out that using a named style was hard.

I have shown people how to do this. They "get it", they work faster, and
they produce better looking documents. This is an education and
documentation issue.

The next generation of "how to write an HTML document" primers just
needs to be well written, and to be designed with care, that is all.
This stuff is not difficult for people to grasp. It's just that no-one
bothers to show people.

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