RE: draft-ietf-html-style-00.txt & class as a general selector

David Seibert (
Wed, 6 Dec 1995 21:23:33 -0500 (EST)

On Wed, 6 Dec 1995 wrote:

> Hmm, now there I'd disagree... I think it will be popular to have
> corporate-wide stylesheets, especially on external marketing Web sites, for
> corporate branding. In addition, LOTS of authors will author style sheets
> for every document, for a unique look.

There will certainly be a lot of corporate style sheets for branding
purposes; however, I doubt that many authors would go to the trouble to
make a separate style sheet for every document once they get over their
initial giddiness.

> I *WOULD* like to see, however, the ability to set style properties on a
> class independent of the element name. E.g.: [CLASS="foo"] { color:blue }
> Should this be allowed in CSS level 1? It is similar to the
> TAG[ATTRIBNAME="value"] selection described in the sketch of Level 2 in the
> fifth draft spec. It would seem an intelligent thing to add to Level 1,
> since without this, it would seem the only way to set a global "class" is to
> use the ID parameter (which *should* be unique.) I also thought of
> supporting " .class = {}" (selector without an element name), but that seems
> kind of ugly. Comments?

By "set a global class" I assume you mean to declare properties that will
apply to all html elements? Following the Nov. 23 draft of CSS1, the
simplest way to do this is to declare those properties as style for the
tag; all elements should then inherit those properties. David Work: Home: 6420 36th Ave. Physics Department, McGill University Montreal, PQ, H1T 2Z5 3600 Univ. St., Mtl., PQ, H3A 2T8, Canada Canada (514) 398-6496; FAX: (514) 398-3733 (514) 255-5965