Re: the STYLE attribute

Walter Ian Kaye (
Sun, 12 Nov 1995 15:14:01 -0800

At 3:25p 11/12/95, Benjamin C. W. Sittler wrote:
>On Sun, 12 Nov 1995, Walter Ian Kaye wrote:
>> <HEAD>
>> <TITLE>Walter's Styles Mini-Proposal</TITLE>
>> <STYLE NOTATION="x-wik" SRC="internal" PRIORITY=2>
>> <!-- style sheet embedded into document (only if src="internal") -->
>> (subhead.main: FONT=helvetica; SIZE=18; TYPESTYLE=Bold)
>> (small.caps: FONT=helvetica; SMALLCAPS=0.7)
>> (body.text: FONT=Times; SIZE=14; TYPESTYLE=Plain)
>> </STYLE>
>> </HEAD>
>> <BODY>
>> <P STYLE="small.caps">This Would Be Small Caps In Helvetica</P>
>> <P STYLE="body.text">This would be in Times Roman font</P>
>> </BODY>
>> STYLE as an element (in <HEAD> only) would provide the user agent with the
>> stylesheet itself (whether embedded/internal or external), while STYLE as
>> an attribute (in <BODY> only) would reference specific stylenames.
>I like this suggestion, but why not use CLASS instead of STYLE?

While CLASS would be "usable", it is not the least bit intuitive.

Body is BODY
Paragraph is P
Style is.....CLASS? No, I don't think so. Please no.