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Wed, 27 Sep 1995 12:05:44 +0100

>- In France, they often write "premier" (the first) as "1er". However,
> they like to raise the position of "er" so that the x-line align
> with the capline of "1". Something a la:
> 1er
> |
> I'd like to be able to express this in CSS (as a value of the
> text-position property), but need a name for it. Anyone? How much
> is it used in other countries?

In desktop publishing this is often referred to as "baseline shift."
Usually it is expressed as a measurement in whatever units have been chosen
for typesetting units. With points chosen, a baseline shift of +3 would
place the character(s) above the baseline by three points, -2 below it by
two points.

This capability is frequently used for the trademark and registered symbols
and drop caps.

> Considering "absolute" names, I end up with only five that are clearly
> distinct:
> tiny | small | normal | large | hug

min | tiny | small | normal | large | huge | max

(Curiously, the number of characters in each name follows a bell curve.)

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