A framework for style sheet experiments/subsets?

Hakon Lie (Hakon.Lie@sophia.inria.fr)
Fri, 28 Jul 1995 10:12:21 +0200

Albert Lunde writes:

> > > >Comments? Ideas? Should I present a more technical specification? I would
> > > >imagine the language would be a touched-up subset of the current CSS proposal.
> I assume you mean:
> http://www.w3.org/hypertext/WWW/Style/css/draft.html
> I guess this seems as reasonable as any other place to start.

A quick note about the status of that document. It's almost a month
old now, and much has happened since. There has been healthy
discussions on www-style@w3.org (sometimes spilling over into
www-html@w3.org). Also, Bert Bos and myself had a chance to get
together for some days, and we worked our way through much of the
material. As a result, there will be a major revision of the draft
specification within a week or two. It will include a formal
specification (courtesy of BB), and a much updated list of style

An upcoming debate is how well the CSS notation would fit into
an attribute:

<H1 STYLE = "font.color=red">Headline</H1>

Comments welcome.

Disclaimer: the document reflects work in progress and has no official
W3C status.



Hakon W Lie, W3C/INRIA, Sophia-Antipolis, France