Welcome back to www-literature!

Kevin Hughes (kevinh)
Mon, 18 Sep 95 16:28:49 PDT

Just when you thought this list was dead and gone, well,
it's back! About five months ago our listserv software acted up,
spraying subscribe and unsubscribe messages all over the place,
just as traffic was picking up. Now this list is run through
majordomo, our Web site is better and faster, and this unmoderated
list is open to all who would wish to speak their mind.

First, if you would like to unsubscribe:

1) Send email to majordomo@eit.com
2) The body of your message should be:

unsubscribe www-literature

Second, this list is for discussion regarding literature
and the World-Wide Web. It will be archived under:


...and the archives will be updated daily. They will be searchable
via EIT's home page (www.eit.com) and other places on our site. My only
role regarding this list is as maintainer, not moderator.

Third, this list is only as good as its members. There are
about 300 of them now. If you are wondering what's going on with
literature on the Web today, just take a look at:



-- Kevin

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